Saturday, March 19, 2016

Mr. Trump, I Have A Word For You

I UNDERSTAND YOU'RE ADVISING ALL US FOX NEWS VIEWERS not to watch Megyn Kelly anymore, saying she's not  a great professional and doesn't deserve our attention and time.

My response to your silliness: What I think of Megyn is none of your business, nor anyone else's.  I'm quite capable of making up my own mind about who and what I watch and read.  This megalomaniac over-reach of advice and warning is turning me off and is not presidential or attractive in someone who pretends to be a contender.

If this continues,  it will not end well, no matter whose back you may supposedly have.You don't have mine and you don't have my brain either.

I'll say it like Fox News today:  this obsession with Megyn is truly unattractive and a bore.

Meanwhile,  at Zero Hedge today, Donald talking 25 years ago:

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