Wednesday, May 27, 2015


JUST A QUICK NOTE TO SAY I'm recovering from a nasty fall on the SoHo  last weekend.  I injured my left wrist when I tried to catch myself as I slipped on some very slick rocks as I exited the river and the coldest water I've ever been in.  Essentially I now have the use of only one hand, wrist and arm.  Pain has been incredible but starting to get better.  All those young weight lifters and baseball players I was with diagnosed my injury perfectly....and a doctor yesterday confirmed it.

I am very grateful that this wasn't worse.  Will be back at some point, but for now enjoying the rest and ibuprofen relaxation.  Doctor said to switch to ALEVE.

Above, the scene of the crime and the slickest river rocks I've ever attempted to traverse.


Tregonsee said...

Serious ouch! I have found that a product called Yaktrax, designed for snow and ice, is helpful on slippery footing of all kinds.

Prayers for a speedy and full recovery!


Webutante said...

Thanks for the prayers and great idea Treg! Will look into Yaktrax. Meanwhile, I have some very fine felt-sole wading boots for just this kind of wading which I should have had on but opted---in a monumental lapse in judgment---to wear tevas instead. Hopefully I have learned my lesson.

Langley Granbery said...

Rest up and get well! Maybe we can catch up later in the summer.

Webutante said...

Thanks Langley! Feel better just getting your kind words. Love to catch up anytime!

P.S. I raved about you to Jimmy recently!