Friday, May 8, 2015

Favorable Ruling In Chancery Court This Week--- I'm Still Standing!

FROM NASHVILLE POST (behind subscription pay wall until Sunday)

HALLELUJAH FOR RULING THAT PUTS OUR LAWSUIT BACK ON TRACK AFTER COUNTLESS DELAYS. At issue was my personal legal STANDING to bring this lawsuit in Chancery Court---outside my homeowners association  which had neither the political will nor the financial means to bring this legal action. 

In other words, my board rolled over to these big shot developers who count on these little boards rolling over and not wanting to tangle with them. It's happening all over the city. Unfortunately they hadn't counted on me taking up the cause and hiring one of the finest lawyer in the SE. So, thanks be to God, I, one of the little people, is still standing.

Also, this has favorable legal ramifications far beyond my and our personal gain. It helps lots of little people property owners in a city of big developers who would run roughshod over them.

Now, Gino, let's bring this-here lawsuit in for a successful landing this summer during a three-day trial and let the massive damage and suffering my neighbors and I have endured begin to end so we can start to heal from this nightmare.

It's ALL Grace for which I am eternally, deeply and humbly grateful. Have a great weekend!

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