Monday, May 18, 2015

Assisted Suicide: One Woman's Journey From A Death Wish To Life

 FROM THE DAILY SIGNAL, a heartening story of one woman's decision to take the easy way out until her persistent, life-affirming physician persuaded her to reconsider her choice to die. Today, she is cancer-free and very happy to be alive.

When states legalize assisted suicide laws to help people to avoid suffering, we can never know how many people die prematurely and tragically.  All such laws---especially abortion----are over-used with unknown and often tragic consequences down the road to families and loved ones.

 One other thing that has always bothered me is the notion that all suffering in this life, must be anesthetized and eradicated. Life is tough and painful at times for all of us. But God can and does give our suffering meaning and context, if we let Him .

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