Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday---Four Reasons to Slow Down

I SAW THIS ARTICLE BY JON BLOOM SEVERAL DAYS AGO, and for some reason it really impacted me.  We live in faster and faster lanes always intending to slow down----some day.  I want to post this today, calling attention especially to the fourth point:  We can only love what we linger over.....I have come to believe that this is one of the wisest and truest points I've ever learned.

But first, the link to Bloom's article here. Please take time to read it, because it reiterates that more is not the same as quality, depth and transformation. I need to hear and remember that again and again. It's one of the reasons I've taken some time off writing this week.

While the points that we Christians are pursuing transformation and not just more information and real growth takes time and patience are foundational,  I think the one about lingering over the things we love is the most salient for me.  Bloom writes:

4. We cannot love what we do not linger over.

And we cannot know what we do not comprehend. Lingering, by definition, takes time. Comprehension requires time-consuming concentration and meditation. This is true in nearly all areas of life. And the implication is that the real or perceived societal pressure we feel to get more and more things done, and process more and more information, can be an enemy to real love and true learning.

  I will be meditating more next week on this wisdon.  And focus more on quality rather than quantity, slowing down and contemplating things that strike me as important.

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