Saturday, August 6, 2016

Missing Teen In Grand Teton NP Found Safe But Eluding Searchers


THIS TEEN ON A SERVICE PROJECT TO GTNP TURNED OUT TO BE A ROYAL PAIN IN THE BUNS! Running away, cutting and dying her hair while hiding from authorities who were desperately trying to find her...

Here's the latest update from JH News and Guide on Fauna Jackson from Cincinnati, OH: 

Update 9:55 a.m.: Missing teenager Fauna Jackson was found at 8 a.m. near the Snake River Overlook today uninjured and was taken to St. John's Medical Center "for a welfare check," according to Denise Germann of Grand Teton National Park. Germann said in a press release that Jackson was found three to four miles from where she went missing Thursday while working as part of a volunteer trail crew.

"Jackson changed her appearance by cutting and dying her hair, was wearing different clothes than when last seen, and when approached by law enforcement officials she fled," the release said.
          Details are still under investigation.

Hopefully she will be sent home....and fast. Then she can go to work to help pay for the huge costs of trying to find her while she hid.

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