Saturday, June 4, 2016

National Trails Day---Climbing Mt. Sanitas

PLAY HARD @ The Gospel Coalition
AFTER THE BUSIEST EVER, NON-STOP SPRING,  I'VE LEFT THE GRAVITATION PULL OF MIDDLE TENNESSEE and landed temporarily in Boulder, Colorado on my way to Laramie, then Jackson, Wyoming soon.

What better way to start getting acclimatized to the higher elevations of the Rockies than to climb one of the steepest mountains near Boulder---Sanitas which means health.  It was far too crowded early today for my tastes, but a great climb---albeit a hard one coming from a much lower altitude-- nonetheless, and even greater descent. While going up is challenges muscles, heart and lungs, coming down with all the very slippery sandy scree on much of the very dry trail challenges hikers to keep from slipping and falling. I did slip twice but fortunately had  soft landings both times on me buns!

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