Monday, February 8, 2016

Peyton Celebrates, Drinks Bud, Cam Has A Tam

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING, TRUE CHAMPIONS ARE NEVER MADE OVER-NIGHT. Champion Peyton Manning capped off his stellar, long career last night with a mediocre showing but a Denver victory, letting the Broncos defense carry the day to what may be his last NFL game.

Everything ended as it should  and today the world rejoices for and with Peyton Manning! Congratulations Denver!

Meanwhile Cam Newton sulked like a baby showing he's not the gracious champion we'd hoped. As my country denist in Dickson said to me today, 'Cam was brought down a few pegs last night....he's a rich, talented, nice looking boy. Maybe this defeat will help him start to grow up a little....'

We can only hope that Peyton retires on this one, and Cam matures a little so he won't go down the tubes with the likes of Johnny Manziel.  We won't even talk about Cam's arrogant disrespect of during the national anthem.  What a complete lack of class.

Andrew Klaven weighs in on Cam.

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