Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pssst....Ever See A Pregnant Crayfish? Here She Is---Ripe With Her New Brood and Very Pro-Life

NOTWITHSTANDING DIRE, AND INCORRECT, WEATHER FORECASTS FOR SATURDAY, a fortunate group of us nature lovers forged ahead and had a fabulous day/field trip on Short Mountain, touring fields, streams and caves in Cannon County with biologist David Withers Tennessee's go-to guy for all things crayfish and stream ecology. He's with TDEC's Division of Natural Areas. Was a terrific day of walking, touring and talking to new friends and old....and of course seeing some of natures most adorable species.

Thanks David, Mark,  Brian, Bill, Neal etc. for making it a terrific day of learning and fun.
BELOW, this little female crayfish was promptly put back to finish her great gestation watch in peace and safety in her little creek, under a big rock.

She wanted me to tell everyone that knows from experience that life begins with conception....Case closed.

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