Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grinch That I Am---Several Things I Can Barely Stand to Think About Right Now


I'M CURRENTLY GOING THROUGH A SPELL WHERE I HATE TO READ  OR WRITE ABOUT ALMOST ANYTHING IN THE CURRENT NEWS CYCLES.  I come to the computer, make the rounds and see what's going on, then start to post.  But nothing comes out of my brain that I'm willing to convey to my keyboard, let alone to the computer screen for publishing.

I stop and realize I simply don't want to think about a growing host of subjects, let along write about them.  Surely this writer's block will pass, I assure myself.  Or will it?  Maybe this will straighten up when things  finally thaw out and we get back on Daylight Savings Time Sunday.

Sunshine might do wonders for my grumpiness. But until that happens,  here are a few things I don't want to think about right now:

1.  Many more weeks of  rain and cloudy weather.  In the last five years--since before Nashville's massive May 1 flood in 2010, it seems Middle Tennessee has had more long periods of rain and dreariness than in the past 50 years. Day in and day out, month after month and year after year.  There's no question that our part of the country is getting a double dose of our own and poor drought-ravaged California's annual rainfall.  I mean,  how much longer can this dreariness go on? We are getting sun tomorrow and it's not a minute too soon. All my favorite hiking trails are drenched and almost too waterlogged to walk on for days and weeks at a time.

2.  Hillary Clinton being elected co-president with Bill in 2016.   I mean, after 8 years of Mr. Obama, the thought of even four years---let along eight---of this woman almost makes me want to go permanently offline.  If our country elects her, we will most certainly get what we deserve:  years of secret deals and hidden email accounts, mysterious scandals involving major foreign policy decisions and donations made through the Clintons'  gargantuan global foundation, womanizing scandals involving Bill that could easily rival those of the other Bill---as in Cosby. The thought of Hillary and Bill in the White House---with all the drama and scandal it would involve---is almost too much to bear.

3. The Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran.  Words fail me as I think of our feckless president making this enemy Islamic state into a make-believe U.S. ally in the Middle East as Israel and Mr. Netanyahu scramble to avert this administration's latest foreign policy disaster-in-the-making.  Obama is so out of his league with Netanyahu that it defies belief. And yet,  Obama can still do incalculable damage to the world.

4. Any news story that has the word Pelosi in it.  

5. How Apple Computer is chomping at the bit for Obama to befriend Iran with nuclear indulgences so it can get its corporate foot in the door in Tehran.

6.  The Fed's Zero Interest Policy (ZIRP) that falsely props up the gargantuan U. S. spending spree/deficit and stock markets everywhere.

7. Bruce Jenner becoming a woman.  What a sad story.  What a lost and sad human being.   And does anyone really want to have a blow-by-blow of how he goes about the sordid task of doing this?  More boring than anything I can imagine.

Which brings me to my last item for now....

8.  Anything about the Kardashians.  All I can say is the end must be near.

No really.

That's enough grinchiness for me for one night....Carry on.

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