Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Few Words About Verizon Wireless, Blogging and Living In the Country..... Away From Maddening Construction Noise



 I AM SO FORTUNATE TO CONTINUE HAVING A HOME-AWAY-from-home here in the country. As spring springs, I can now open my bedroom windows on warm nights and hear the magical sounds of frogs croaking  off in the distance. Just wish some of my neighbors who are suffering more than I from Abe's Garden  ill-sited project could be out here with me.

 Meanwhile, my trusted WiFi---My-Fi--went  completely out early this week and I only had time to replace it at the  dreaded Verizon store this morning.

If you want to see me truly at my dead level worst, then follow me into a Verizon store after I've had two cups of half-and-half coffee.  Mercifully for all concerned, I wasn't fully caffeinated but trust me, it wasn't pretty.

Always feel like I enter the store like a crack addict.  I need a fix and they know it.  They know how to work the crowd and love to make us sign new TWO YEAR CONTRACTS or else pay double or triple for anything that's out of warranty, which is everything.

They are professional at Bait-N-Switch....and are always saying they understand...

No, don't think they do.  After telling the salesman for the umpteenth time I was NOT going to sign another two year contract and having him keep on  badgering me (May I ask why?...We sure don't want to lose you!), I told him I was not willing to work for them and be hog-tied by anymore contract that penalized leaving or changing carriers.  These guys are courteous but relentless.  I don't care for such pressure.

Anyway,  I ended up paying for the My-Fi device---- and not signing a contract. I would have let the whole damn thing go were I not living in the country where it's mandatory for Internet service.

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