Tuesday, February 10, 2015

It's About Federalism Not Gay Marriage: Justice Clarance Thomas' Blistering Dissent from SCOTUS On Its Increasing 'Cavalier' Attitude Towards States

IN AN EXTREMELY CRITICAL---BLISTERING---DISSENT, Justice Thomas takes the majority decision of SCOTUS to task that temporarily allows gay marriage  in Alabama before the high court rules later this summer on the constitutionality of federally legalizing gay marriage in all states.

Justice Thomas is not amused.  Nor am I.

Make no mistake, this is not  about legalizing gay marriage.  It's about federal mandates overriding/ trumping states rights in egregious ways. And it's a major constitutional issue, the likes of which we haven't seen since Civil War days.

From CNS News:

In his dissent from the court's refusal to grant the stay, Justice Thomas rhetorically smacked his colleagues for disregarding its own standard practices and the deference due to state governments and voters.

"This acquiescence [in the lower court ruling] may well be seen as a signal of the Court’s intended resolution of that question [of same-sex marriage]," wrote Thomas.

"This is not the proper way to discharge our Article III responsibilities," he said. "And, it is indecorous for this Court to pretend that it is. Today’s decision represents yet another example of this Court’s increasingly cavalier attitude toward the States. Over the past few months, the Court has repeatedly denied stays of lower court judgments enjoining the enforcement of state laws on questionable constitutional grounds.

"It has similarly declined to grant certiorari to review such judgments without any regard for the people who approved those laws in popular referendums or elected the representatives who voted for them," wrote Thomas. "In this case, the Court refuses even to grant a temporary stay when it will resolve the issue at hand in several months."

I completely agree with Justice Thomas---the voice of reason in these constitutionally shady times we live in.  I shudder the think how states will handle the increasing intrusion of the federal government's It's Our Way or the Highway policies that  now reach into every aspect of our lives.

One can only wonder what will soon trump freedom of religion in this Submit, Convert or Die religion that all people and churches must accept the religion of gay marriage,  Truly frightening.

Meanwhile,  Alabama chief justice says SCOTUS decision violates state law.

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