Friday, May 9, 2014

You've Heard of the Black Box....Now Here's the Blackie Box

IT'S BEEN A LONG, BUSY AND EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE WEEK AS I go back and forth from city to country. I commute with sacks and boxes---plastic containers from Targee for clothes, shoes and personal accouterments, sacks for groceries and everything else. Today I lugged a wicker 'business' box with mail and reading material I need to tackle after a good night's sleep.

Alas,  I forgot that as soon as any new box of any size, shape or genre enters the house and my guest room in it,  it becomes fodder for cat creativity and reckless can abandon.  A cat spa of sorts.  Before I could say lickity-split this afternoon,  Blackie made haste to morph my business box stacked with catalogs, mail of all kinds and newsletters into his personal cat futon.  Last week it was a flat box from a mail order company in London I donated to the cat cause.

I and my personal effects are no match for cats that have a higher purpose and squatters rights in this house.  OK, for now,  cause I'm just too tired to try to displace Blackie by brute force or cat treats....but tomorrow......tomorrow.  I'll fight for my rights!

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