Saturday, May 31, 2014

Share the Road With a Friend


BETTER YET, GET OUT AND HELP IT CROSS THE ROAD WITHOUT GETTING SQUASHED. Took this this morning at Montgomery Bell State Park outside of White Bluff where I'm staying until I leave for Wyoming in a few. Don't know what it is but these little creatures are out crossing roads all over the place right now.

Yet my favorite time is late summer here when the bright orange persimmon fruits drop from the trees. These little terrapins go crazy gathering under the trees to scarf  these sweet, squashy persimmons down into their little turtle bellies as fast as they can before winter sets in.....terrapins having a persimmon convention...  Click pic above for the full photo op. Below, yummy, ripe persimmons on the ground in the woods in late summer/early fall:


Tregonsee said...

There is something especially rewarding about helping our shelled friends across the road. The tricky part is in the fall and spring, when they may well be just sunning themselves on the warm asphalt.

Webutante said...

Yes Treg, I guess then we just move them to one side or the other and hope they stay out of harm's way.