Thursday, March 20, 2014

Debris Spotted, Missing FH 370

SUN IS FINALLY SHINING HERE---WARMING THINGS UP--- AND I PLAN TO BE OUT IN IT, GRATEFULLY, ALL DAY.   Can't begin to image what the families and loved ones of those on MH 370 are going through in this extremely prolonged search.  What a state of limbo!  However, they need our continuing prayers for whatever information this large debris conveys.

It does seem like it's time there's a break in this mysterious disappearance.  When there is, we still may not know what actually happened, or why. We may never know.


Bob said...

Thanks for sharing this news.

Meanwhile, I thought I should share with you this post I wrote this morning:

The experience had a terribly traumatizing effect on Colleen and on our relationship. Thankfully, though, we are working very closely parenting Jon, Greg, and Sara, even though she is in New Mexico and I am still here in Colorado.

We talked all morning about it, as she was waiting for Jon and Greg to get out of their Young Marines experience today.

Webutante said...

So glad to catch up with you and your family, Bob. Very disturbing experience you're recounting. Please keep us posted.