Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Seem To Go From Pillar To Post As Winter Grinds On

YES, THIS IS A LATE SUMMER PHOTO, yet this is where  I am this week in winter.....I seem to have a very eclectic lifestyle...first a week in Laramie at -20 below, then into the true wilds of Tennessee---much wilder than Wyoming in places---then  on to Manhattan soon to see children and grandchildren etc. Here, we're taking some big trees out of the forest which are falling down from all the rain and moisture of the past few years.  We've needed to thin this out for two decades.  Finally, we're getting it done.

The loggers/foresters are rough-and-tumble men of the land and fine conservationists.This is extremely rough country and I am deeply grateful for their wanting to work with me and my family.

This winter has been extremely harsh from many, many perspectives, and I'm ready for spring, like everyone else! I take it One Day At A Time and give thanks for sunshine today in Tennessee, though it's very cold, again.

I had a ceiling collapse----the biggest mess I've ever seen-----in one of my rental houses after a very hard freeze of pipes to a hot water heater in the attic, and am working---with a terrific contractor---to get the offending hot water heater down into a new mud room that we're building this week.  As I say, this has been a very, very hard winter here and spring will not come not a minute too soon!

With all this ,  I seem to be more needed out in the outside world than online.  Thanks for coming by nonetheless

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