Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chattanooga, Tennessee UAW Death Knell: Where the Most Important News Story Of the Year Just Happened


FORGET THE ENDLESS, BORING  WINTER WEATHER COVERAGE AND AIRPORT CLOSINGS, if you will,  and come on down to Chattanooga where real landmark, earth-changing news is unfolding:  Workers of the new Volkswagen plant there just voted down the UAW's desperate 2-year bid to unionize and take over employee-management relations at the plant.  For the UAW to have won would have been a huge step backwards in time, a regression of historic proportions.  Watching this is like seeing the demise of the Edsel.

Truth is,  with the Internet and other paths to worker grievances and negotiation today,  big unions are a cumbersome, irrelevant  anachronism and should be disbanded without delay---without presidential bailouts, except perhaps in Third World countries.

Zero Hedge has  the full accounting.

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