Sunday, September 29, 2013

What A Near-Certain Government Shutdown Tuesday May Entail


The threat of a government shutdown looms larger every minute. But that doesn't mean the entire government will close its doors if Congress fails to pass a budget bill in time for the new fiscal year that begins Tuesday.
Up to 800,000 federal employees could be furloughed as services deemed "non-essential," such as national parks, passport offices and most regulatory agencies -- including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Securities and Exchange Commission -- are closed.

But in short, the full impact of a shutdown is not clear, at least for now. If the federal government closes for business Tuesday, non-essential employees would be furloughed without pay.
"Essential" workers-- such as military personnel, border security officials and air traffic controllers -- would be told to report to work. They wouldn't receive paychecks during the shutdown but would be paid retroactively after Congress passes a government funding bill.
Since it's up to each federal agency and department to determine which of its employees are essential and nonessential -- which the government now prefers to call "excepted" and "non-excepted" -- it's uncertain exactly how many employees, and which ones, would be furloughed.....

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