Monday, September 16, 2013

Washington Naval Yard Back In the Old Days, Circa 1862

I'VE HAD THE PLEASURE OF WALKING/TOURING THIS HERETOFORE LOVELY, HISTORICAL SPOT IN D.C. A WHILE BACK.  This shooting is very sad, even tragic news indeed, but even sadder is the media feeding frenzy that insures these shootings will continue and only get worse.

In other words,  our media/ celebrity/violence-obsessed culture which is often on drugs is perpetuating these sad but predictable and extremely boring kind of happenings. The coverage itself becomes like a drug high for some. Please wake me (yawn!) when it's safe to go back to Drudge. Simply not interested in knowing more about how the shooter blew someone's tires out back in 2004.

My heart is sad for the victims and their families.  However, we all contributed, making sure this tragedy would happen again and again and again.  But by the Grace of God go any of us as victims, and maybe even perpetrator

Washington Naval Yard

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