Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cain To Turn Out the Lights Soon


HERMAN CAIN'S BID FOR PRESIDENT is over for American voters, if not yet for Herman Cain. No conservative I know takes pleasaure in his implosion, but there are far too many allegations attending his past liasons now, for him not to go and go soon. I find him less savory and credible as a candidate by the minute.

I believe Herman Cain, rather than vast left-win or right-wing conspiracies, set Herman Cain up notwithstanding many diehard apologists to the contrary (see above). I think the allegations of sexual harassment and extramarital liason(s) are probably true---true enough at this time for me to completely lose interest in Cain as a candidate. And yes, we may never know for sure the veracity of the charges.

All this on top of numerous foreign policy slip-ups that I won't go into here again.

It's time for Cain and the country to move on.


Jet Beagle said...

You called it on Nov 2nd. I was surprised it took a month for him to exit.

He had to know the 13 year affair would eventually surface. Why did he put his wife through this?

Webutante said...

Hubris, all hubris, JB!