Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where From Here?


MORE INTERESTED in other things lately than writing. Been almost five years since I started---a wonderful five---but my interest in writing and a lot I used to read daily, hourly has been waning over the past year. Don't plan to close it down completely but will post less and less frequently as my day-light hours are more consumed with learning new investment skills--like options trading--- Bible studies, outdoor and gym exercise and seeing friends and causes off-line. Interesting how the chapters in our lives slowly change. Thanks for coming by.

ABOVE PHOTO WSJ: BRIGHT IDEA: A woman walked at a new solar power plant named ‘Gemasolar’ in Fuentes de AndalucĂ­a, Spain, Tuesday. (Marcelo del Pozo/Reuters


mRed said...

We'll be here when you do write.

Webutante said...

Thanks so much mRed, as always!

Kristen said...

Really enjoy your blog but I understand about other things vying for your attention...glad you're going to keep writing some, though. :)

Webutante said...

Thanks K, will be here but reshuffling my priorities---like you will when the twins arrive!!


gcotharn said...

A fine piece of artwork, this blog.

Wahrheit said...

But I just got here today for the first time! However, Bible studies and excercise are higher values than pontification, as I also found out. I am happy to see that there are 1600 or so older posts to read. :)

Best regards,


Webutante said...

Thanks for coming by Robert of Alaska! I'll still be here but just shuffling first things first.