Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ron Paul Wide-Ranging Interview: Why He Left the Episcopal Church And Much More


FOUND THIS INTEREVIEW with Ron Paul interesting and informative. It covers a wide range of subjects including his and his family's faith, why he left the Episcopal Church, the issues of abortion and its government legislation and how best to tackle poverty in America. Over and over he emphasizes personal responsibility and concludes the government---especially the federal government---cannot legislate morality. I couldn't agree more.

In this interview with Christianity Today, Paul elaborates. From the introduction in CT:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul won a straw poll at the Family Research Council's Values Voters Summit on October 8, receiving 37 percent of the vote at the social conservative convention. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins downplayed the results some, saying that 600 people registered Saturday morning left after Paul spoke. "I think people are still in the process of deciding where they want to go," Perkins told reporters. Herman Cain took 23 percent and former Sen. Rick Santorum took 16 percent. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann won 8 percent while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received 4 percent of the vote.

In his speech, Paul emphasized personal responsibility, using the example of Jesus' response to prostitution. "He didn't call for more laws. But he was very direct and thought that stoning was not the solution to the problem of prostitution," he told the crowd. "So do laws take care of these things, or do we need a better understanding of our Christian values and our moral principles?"
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Tregonsee said...

As a cradle Episcopalian who left the Episcopal Church after 58 years, I know EXACTLY why I left. It had ceased to be a church, and become an irresponsible secular organization.

Webutante said...

Me too. While there are nice liturgies and pomp and more pomp, the Holy Spirit wasn't there for me as I went through the motions of worship.

Jet Beagle said...

In 1980, Ron Paul explained to a small group of voters in Houston exactly why he was pro-life and how he came to be strongly opposed to abortion. I'll never forget Dr. Paul's description of his inadvertent, first, and only participation in an abortion, and how it changed his life. Ron Paul's explanation enabled me to crystalize my pro-life view of abortion on that day.

Webutante said...

Gosh would love to hear that; am sure it's compelling to say the least.

mindful mama said...

Just out of curiosity, for those of you who commented that you left the Episcopal Church, did you join another denomination and if so, which one(s)?

Anonymous said...

As a cradle Episcopalian who is currently taking RCIA classes in the Catholic Church, there are times when I am close to tears at the thought of leaving the Episcopal Church. But, the truth is my church left me years ago. I haven't been in one for years. It was during the late 1960's that I started noticing the changes. Over the years things just moved farther and farther from the faith I was taught. Now it's nothing but a secular organization. It breaks my heart.