Wednesday, November 3, 2010



There's little time for celebration and jubilation because much work needs to be done to turn back the tide of the federal government's growth and encroachment in every aspect of our lives and pocketbooks.


Jet Beagle said...

Oh, come on, fair lady. We can celebrate this fine victory for one day. Enjoy your wine and I will also:

"To your beauty and to your health!"

Webutante said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Agreed, a little celebrating can't hurt.

William said...

Thank god for the tea party. Without them, the GOP would have taken the Senate. Not easy to find a candidate even Harry Reid can beat.

Yes, it is definitely a more Redneck America, where values like bigotry, dogmatism, science denial, and anti-intellectualism are their core values. You should be proud to be part of that movement and these values.

Paul_In_Houston said...

I suspect that William perfectly encapsulates what I wrote about in Dr. Sanity nails it!.

pm said...

Read your take and saw your advice, so much to do or undo. Anyway relax and enjoy the rush, there's not been a lot to make us happy the past 2 years. That Reid is still with us was a disappointment but overall it was a wonderful day. Once we talked and I told you that I thought Obama was in over his head and now I'm certain I was right. Obviously he's a bright achiever but not up to running the country. He's let his contempt for capitalism and a free society run unchecked and the country sensed the threat to our wonderful system and yelled stop! My concern is that the Republicans will not effectively dismantle Obama care quickly enough and some of the elements of it will become an acceptable government intervention in health care. Let's see what happens. I not sure the GOP has an effective strategy for getting rid of this thing. Denying funding seems like a plan but it may be hard to pull off.