Saturday, February 28, 2009

Michelle Makes It Official....

UPDATE.. she's got great shoulders and arms (and having a jolly old time hanging out in the Oval amidst the portraits of Founding Fogies, Jefferson and Washington). These may be her best assets along with her hair. Overall, I think Michelle looks young, hip, vital and fit.

(Even as her husband foolishly declares war on investors, entrepreneurs, and all hopes of economic recovery. In other words, as Barack sets us on the road to real depression.)

Also, I happen to think going sleeveless during the day in wool and jersey in February is fine. I don't think her look is uncouth at this point. And of course, I love the pearls. However, I'm not sure about the extremeness and narrowness of the cut at the shoulders. But what woman in the world doesn't want to distinguish herself with her own signature look and start a fashion and style revolution?

Below, Jackie displays a great look with a feeling of a little more modesty. Modesty would not seem to be Michelle's strongest suit.
And then there's Eleanor going sleeveless in formal attire.

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