Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two-Faced Donkeys

THURSDAY: Larry Kudlow continues to beat the drum for newly confirmed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to resign as an act of conscience over his tax evasions over the years.

TUESDAY: Daschle withdraws nomination to become Secretary of Health and Human Services, calling his tax problems too much of a distraction. He did the right thing. Nancy Killefer of the "Department of Performance," a newly created position, withdrew her nomination today for tax reason too. Oops.

DO YOU REMEMBER when tax evasion was considered breaking the law and often got you thrown in the slammer and heavily fined? Not anymore. It's just standard operating procedure for the special people who know what's best for the masses of little people in our country but who don't really think laws apply to them.

We've got two cabinet nominees who have been accused of tax evasion. Now that it's out in the open, Obama is sticking by them and hopes they'll be confirmed anyway. After all, what's a little indiscretion here and there when it can be balanced off with decades of good works for the liberal/big government policy agenda in D.C? These guys are such great role models, aren't they? Can you imagine the tax evasion that will go on in these hard economic times we're in? And we have leaders in the Obama administration who are leading the way.

For the record, I think Mr. Daschle should withdraw his nomination for health secretary.

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