Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday, Two Greats: Johnny Football Triumphs and Notre Dame Makes A Comeback


IT'S OFTEN SAID, JOHNNY MANZIEL aka Johnny Football, freshman starting quarterback at Texas A&M is too good a football player to be a white boy. Be that as it may, Friday's dazzling Cotton Bowl win--pitting the Texas Aggies against Oklahoma--only proves that Johnny has more than earned his nickname and then some.

  It's always fun to read a little about a sports sensation. It makes watching even more interesting and fun. Anyway, here's his background in case you don't know it.  It's also interestiing to note, Johnny got into a scuffle with a friend last summer and ended up spending a night in jail.  Calling it a critical mistake in his life,  Johnny now says he's learned a lot from from his run in with the law and has had to make a number of changes in his life.

Clearly and forotunately, his episode last summer didn't hurt his running or passing game last night.

Another good football story is the comeback of Notre Dame.  Former champion coach for ND,  Lou Holtz sat down the the WSJ and talked recently about why and how he predicted  it was going to happen.  ND faces Alabama Monday night in the NCAA championship game. God willing,  I'll be there watching with HG!


  1. Re: "Do Women Like Hillary"

    Okay, first: Hillary is dislikeable as a public official (even though I kind of like the idea of her as a private citizen. I could drink a beer with Hillary, and be charmed and entertained). She is dislikeable, as a public official, b/c: what has she ever accomplished? Other than getting elected in NY? Nothing.
    She has accomplished nothing, unless you include failure and scandal as negative accomplishments. She has ridden her husband's coattails - which is not a horrible thing, unless, like Hillary, you claim the mantle of a feminist ... as you ride your husband's coattails. THAT is dislikeable.

    But, set Hillary aside, and here is what I really want to get at: WHAT WOMAN CANDIDATE would women "like"? Nobody! At this quirky moment in history, "women" dislike every woman candidate.

    A narrow sliver of the population of women: Tea Party women, like Palin and Bachman. All other women, including all other conservative women, and including political undecideds, completely detest Palin and Bachman. Women do not like any woman. Hillary is dislikeable as a public candidate, except: even if she were likeable as a public candidate, "women" would still dislike her, b/c "women" dislike every woman candidate.

    Why? Here is my guess at part of the reason:
    Many women expect a prince for a husband, i.e. unrealistic expectations of what a man (or any human) is capable. However, those same women have even greater unrealistic expectations for a female candidate for public office. They want to adore her - they want to adore her in all respects, and will accept nothing less. They would not demand this standard of a man. Yet, emotionally, they are invested in absolutely adoring the first female POTUS. They will not accept less. At least, that is my guess re part of the reason that "women" appear to be so hard on female candidates.

  2. Separately, I've started, a couple of times, to send this to you. It is old, but I had never seen it: Suzanna Gratia Hupp gives some of the best testimony I've ever seen a private citizen give to Congress, re 2nd Amendment. She had me laughing, just b/c she was a young woman from Texas who was completely brazen, unintimidated, unapologetic. And she had Dems on the Committee grumbling amongst themselves. And I noticed a difference between the way a victim who is a conservative portrays herself ... vs. the way a victim (or pretend victim) who is a leftist portrays himself.

    Also, a good blogpost re the way NYT portrays Christian outreach to unwed mothers:

  3. Thank you so much Greg for both comments and links.

    Not totally following your first post and kinda expected you to say that women don't like women candidates cause they are looking for a perfect man candidate.

    Anyway, I'll let that stand and just think about it a while.

    Thanks for giving me/us lots to think about.

  4. re women POTUS candidates

    First, I don't really know what I am talking about.

    Second, I can see you are probably graciously hinting that my best course is to quietly fold. However, I am a MAN! I blunder forward! Always forward, off the cliff and into the muddy rocky thorny bad place. And, later, I apologize. But, never, at any time, do I learn my lesson and become nuanced and measured and mature and wise. I blunder forward. It is what I do!

    So, re woman POTUS, I suspect this is a factor:
    women want to be proud of the first female POTUS; are emotionally attached to being proud of her. Therefore, women have very high, exacting, and even unrealistic standards for any female who looks like she might have a legitimate chance to win the office. Therefore, women are extremely critical of any woman who looks like she has a legitimate chance to maybe someday win the office, and women are quick to criticize such a candidate. And that is part of the reason we see women directing such passion AGAINST any female candidate who looks like she might have a legit chance to win the office. It is virtually impossible for any woman candidate to fulfill the high expectations which have built up over time.

  5. I still need to think about this more....but as for you, never would I hint that you quietly fold.

    Carry on in whatever way you wish!