Saturday, January 13, 2018

Who Would Have Thought the West Coast of Florida Could Look This Good Three Months After the Hurricane?

I HAVE ESCAPED THE ICE AND SNOW OF TENNESSEE for a short visit to Sarasota/Longboat Key.  That's where many of my buddies from Wyoming and DC are at this time of year.

We all expected the hurricane in September would completely destroy the west coast here, like it did sadly in so many places in the Caribbean..  Yet, miraculously and by the amazing Grace of God,  it was mostly spared. What looked like another monster storm petered out as it slammed into the mainland and whimpered up the coast.

Today,  this part of Florida couldn't look better.  Who knew? Got here, collapsed,  took a great nap first thing  and listened to the sound of the ocean outside.  Incredibly relaxing!

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