Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Roy Moore's Defeat Tonight In Alabama Is As It Should Be


EVEN THOUGH A DEMOCRAT BEAT ROY MOORE TONIGHT FOR THE VACANT SENATE SEAT OF JEFF SESSIONS, in my opinion, this not a big political win or an unexpected upset.  Nor is it the end of the world as we know it.  And with all due respect to the Daily Mail,  Alabama has not gone blue by a long shot.

Rather, it's a vote for decency in the face of mounting unattractive allegations against Moore and simplifies the way going forward for conservative politics in Alabama and on the national level in 2018 and beyond. 

I  do not think this is a repudiation of Trump or the Trump agenda, no matter what the frothy MSM and desperate Democratic party try to make of it.  It's a setback, no doubt, but a lesson that should be well taken. And yes,  Luther would have won.

Who knows what other shoes will drop publicly in the sexual harassment arena in Congress on both sides of the political aisles? I shudder to think what's next. It's enough to make you want to flee the country's news to Tahiti for the winter, isn't it?  For the most part,  these myriad old allegations are beginning to bore the bejebbers out of me. And I don't think I'm alone in this.

Time for a good nights sleep.

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