Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sunday: John MacArthur On the Biblical Perspective Of Global Warming

UNCOMPROMISING, SCATHING AND WORTH LISTENING TO. Man was designed to be the steward of natural systems.


Anonymous said...

One of the most bogus and ignorant anti-science rants I've ever heard. Pathetic.

US NAVY, Chief of Operations 4/10 policy statement:
A preponderance of global observational evidence shows the Arctic Ocean is losing sea ice, global temperatures are warming, sea level is rising, large landfast ice sheets (Greenland and Antarctic) are losing ice mass, and precipitation patterns are changing. Climate change IS affecting, and will continue to affect, U.S. military installations worldwide. Melting permafrost is degrading roads, foundations, and structures on DoD and USCG installations in Alaska. Droughts in the southeast and southwest U.S. are challenging water resource management. Sea level rise and storm surge will lead to an increased likelihood of inundation of coastal infrastructure, and may limit the availability of overseas bases.

If the US Military says it's happening, OBSERVES it happening, and is basing future policy because it IS happening, what about this do you deniers not get? Is NASA and NOAA in on 'the lie' too? Why is it that science deniers are almost always conservatives? WHY? It's a mindset, and not a good one.

The reason christians deny science and why they'd vote for a fake Christian like Trump is that they inherently reflect 2 characteristics:
1) gullibility, 2) group think. Both are essential elements to adopt a ridiculously fictitious story like christianity. Facts and evidence are meaningless to this group. This group excels in science denial, and are avid consumers of fake news and easily manipulated by Russian propaganda, often unwittingly. The worst of America and the most vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

For someone who seems to value the outdoors and nature, it's odd that you would subscribe to a belief like this guy preaches. Mr. MacArthur demonizes every effort of man to steward the environment, making it sound like protecting the environment is somehow worthy of disdain. Sad.

Webutante said...

WOW. I must have listened to a different sermon. Mr. MacArthur advocates man's efforts to steward the environment and develop technology to help raise people out of poverty around the world. Perhaps you didn't listen to the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

This is how far the Trump administration will go to sacrifice the health of the American people for corporate profits. Because he says 'he's in it for the little guy...'
One of the EPA's most important responsibilities is to regulate harmful chemicals, but the Trump administration is doing the exact opposite. Under the direction of Scott Pruitt and his team of industry insiders, the agency has begun easing restrictions on dozens of toxic substances. The list includes:
1) Perfluorooctanoic acid, an industrial chemical linked to kidney cancer, birth defects, and immune system disorders.
2) Chlorpyrifos, a commercial pesticide that can cause developmental disabilities in children.
3) Methylene chloride, a common ingredient in paint strippers connected to dozens of deaths.
4) Trichloroethylene, an industrial solvent linked to cancer and heart defects.
Leading these efforts is Nancy Beck, the new head of the toxic chemical unit. Her qualifications? Beck was previously an executive at the American Chemical Council, where she represented some of the biggest polluters in the country.