Monday, November 23, 2015

Boys, Birthdays, Legos... Battles of Good and Evil

WHICH COMES FIRST, THE LEGOS OR THE BOYS? G-BOY IS SEVEN TODAY and in his and his buddies' worlds, LEGOS rule. SUPREME. It's a big year for these little guys especially since Jurassic World LEGOS are now out. Then there's Star Wars.

Too many LEGOS, not enough time.  Right guys? Guys? Anybody listening? When I see these little fellows building, playing, battling so ferociously and intensely non-stop the games of good and evil, it now seems like good preparation for the world that awaits them (and us all) where the battles of good and evil now seem to come at us ferociously on a daily basis. No moral equivalence or relativism here. Build and play and fight on guys. And stay on the side of good. Happy birthday, G-Boy!

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