Friday, August 21, 2015

Carrington Speaks On Behalf of Husband David Fox's Run for Nashville Mayor

SURE, SHE'S BIASED. FOR GOOD REASONS. Carrington is smart, capable and accomplished in her own right, and she knows a good man when she sees him. She knows a good candidate when she sees one.

David Fox will do a great job for Nashville in prosperous times as well as downturns in the economy. He knows that prosperity isn't just about spending more, more, more, full steam ahead. Prosperity is a way of life that takes into account the various global economic cycles that inevitably come or will come. It means living within one's means and growing too.

Lefty Megan Barry naively thinks that David's is a mindset of austerity, but she's just plain wrong. It's a mindset of wisdom and sustained prosperity in good times and bad. Hers will bring train wrecks down the road. Megan will run city government with extremely partisan and special interest cronies and insiders from the left and the far left.

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