Tuesday, November 5, 2013

'The Book of Matt' Author Stephen Jimenez Answers Questions About Explosive Revelations In His New Book

AS I SORT OUT THIS AMAZING NEWLY-RELEASED BOOK  ON THE 1998 MURDER OF MATTHEW SHEPHERD OUTSIDE LARAMIE, WY and the courageous, meticulous journalism that went into reporting and writing it over more than a decade,  I plan to say more.

Perhaps my intense interest in knowing the real----as opposed to the mythological, highly politicized storyline that became a massive gay-baiting industry and federal religion over the past 15 years----is that it takes place in  a state and on Interstate corridors I've known, loved and traveled for decades---in Wyoming, and specifically in and around the college town of Laramie.

I cannot recommend Jimenez's book  more highly. At the same time, the often explosive, complex  contents are extremely unsettling, especially in the aftermath of the highly charged and politicized Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman media circus.

More than anything else, media and law enforcement agencies are slowly seen and indited for not thorougly investigating this tragic murder as they got caught up in the national media frenzy, saying what news people wanted to hear rather than the truth they knew deep down.

Once the myth was made within days of the terrible murder, there was no going back.....until now.  Now is better than never.

If you dare to read The Book of Matt prepare to have your eyes opened about what you've been fed by the MSM and  gay communities.  Nothing got in the way of myth-making.

The Book of Matt is a story for and of our time.

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